Onze vrijwilligers

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Hanne van Asten

Involved as a volunteer with PWW as Filmmaker, Artist and Yogateacher almost from the start. Sylvia has been an inspiration for me from the moment I met her by what she does for people and because of who she is as a person. I love to contribute as a volunteer being part of the important work she does helping so many wonderful people who have to deal with HIV every day.As a person who is not HIV positive I have also learned a lot from them and gained even more respect for how they live their lives. And I realize how lucky people are who have access to the medication. Cause many people all over the world unfortunately still have not or have only access to outdated sorts of medication.It would be great if people can be open about having HIV which only can be if they are not being stigmatized or blamed or excluded because of it. Only if we include all we can be one. Not-two is peace. It's about the little things we do for one another, to take care of each other, Sylvia taught me. To love, live and to N-joy life for as long as we all may be here. In this spirit I live my life and contribute to PWW with my entire heart.

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Rafaela Michilena